We bring the Japanese cuisine to your place! We cook in front of your guests and serve the food at its best! We only use the best ingredients for our events including the top cut meats and the largest shrimp we could find. Food and entertainment are among the most important and hardest points to address in an event, let us take care of them!

How We Got Started

On occassions, our guests would ask us what had inspired you to start up your own business. I will be honest with you, the idea was not originally mine, in fact, the business originated from an idea that our first guest had. I figured why not and the rest is history. In fact, to this day I still remember the request where she proposed having a chef cook teppanyaki at her house for a birthday party she was throwing for her husband. At first, we thought the idea was nothing short of a pipe dream, until we delved deepr into the idea that she propsed. She was preparing for a private party at her house where she made plans for a private DJ to attend, a bartender for the beverages, but mentioned that she was still in the market for what to serve her guests. She mentioned how special her husband was to her and really wanted to find a way to make his day a special one. I will be honest with you, at the time, I refused because I had no guidance to follow. I did not know when, how or even where to go to gather all the necessary equipment I needed. I had no idea. She insisted, and I took the challenge. So I borrowed a table. Then I convinced a friend to help me with the details and shopping list. Ever since then it had been like that. I have been in the food business and personal service industry my whole life. I have hosted countless amount of events. I understand and know how important is to treat my guests. Whenever a customer calls, my priority is to understand our guest(s) needs and desires. I understand that every detail is important to our guests. I select fresh, high quality food, no rush, and we cook it all upon request.